Simple Strawberry Cream Treat


Fresh strawberries
Basil (dry or fresh)
1-2 tbsp Light cream (or 2% evaporated milk)
Whipped cream

Mash up a handful of strawberries.

Sprinkle a little bit of dried basil.  (Alternatively, you can add some finely chopped fresh basil leaves.)

Drizzle a little bit of honey over the strawberries and add the light cream.  Mix.


Top with whipped cream.

My comments:

My little guy loves fruits but even he is getting a little tired of the plain boring things I feed him on a regular basis.  So tonight I thought I'd jazz up the strawberries a bit and see if I can fool him into eating the last of the strawberries.

When I was young, my grandmother used to cut the strawberries into cubes and serve them with white sugar and evaporated milk.  I loved the taste of it and I knew my son would too.  I had some light cream at home and I sweetened the dessert with a drizzle of honey.  Honey is a natural sugar which is a healthier choice of sweetener than white sugar.  The addition of basil was inspired by the Strawberry Basil Gelato I once had from Canadian Maple Delights.  Finally, I couldn't pass up the chocolate whipped cream that is sitting in the fridge, calling my name every time I open the door.

With these simple ingredients, I transformed an old favourite into something fun and tastey.  The chocolate whipped cream complimented the strawberry and cream.  However, the chocolate flavour did overpower the basil a little bit.  I think either one of these combination would make this dessert even better:
  1. Strawberry cream + Basil + plain regular whipped cream (no chocolate)
  2. Strawberry cream + chocolate whipped cream + chocolate shavings (no basil)
Mmm...I think the chocolate shavings will be an excellent addition.  Maybe I should buy another box of strawberries.  Afterall, I have to test out all my recipe ideas!!  :D


This is a versatile treat for the little ones at home.  For my toddler, I served this strawberry cream as a dessert and so I added a bit of honey as a treat for him because he loves sweet stuff.  I didn't give him any chocolate whipped cream either and he loved it.  This can also be served as part of a healthy breakfast or in-between-meal snack.  In this case, I'd omit the honey since it is not a necessary ingredient.  Let's face it, our children do not need extra sugar in their diet anyway.  To make this even healthier, skip the whipped cream and sprinkle some granola and/or almond slivers on top instead!!  Mmmm...yum!!

Note:  If you are feeding this to children less than 1-year-old, please omit the honey.  Infants should not be fed because of the increased risk of contracting Infant Botulism.