BBQ Whole Chicken

3-4 lb. Whole chicken
4 Carrots
6 Potatoes
3-4 Onions
1.5 c. Red wine
1.5 c. Water

Cut 1 onion into 4 large pieces.

Clean the chicken and stuff the cavity with the onion. Place the chicken in the center of a metal tray (approx. 1.5" high).

Cut the rest of the vegetables into large pieces and put them around the chicken.

Pour the wine and water over the chicken and the vegetables.

Turn on one side of the burner only and heat the BBQ to about 250-350°F.

Put the tray on the burner side, close the lid and cook for 15 min.

Move the tray to the other side to bake. The liquids should be boiling by now.

Total cook time: 1 hour + 5 min per pound of chicken.

Bast the chicken and the vegetables with the liquids occasionally to keep the food moist.

Tinfoil can be used to cover the chicken if is is browning too quickly.

My comments:

This was our first time BBQ-ing a whole chicken and I dare say our experiment worked very well. The chicken smelled very good and the meat was moist and flavourful. The vegetables was absorbed the flavour of the chicken and the wine and they were very tasty as well. We also used the liquids to prepare a yummy gravy which everyone loved.

I was so excited about tasting the chicken that I forgotten to take a picture of it. Yeah...the BBQ chicken was that good. :P