BBQ Lamb Chops with Lime and Rosemary

5 Lamb Chops
3 tbsp Canola Oil
2 tbsp Lime juice
1 tsp Garlic Salt
2 tsp Rosemary
½ tsp Salt

In a small bowl, whisk together the oil, lime juice, garlic salt, rosemary, salt and pepper.

Dip all lamb chops in the marinade evenly on both sides. Pour the rest of the marinade on the chops. Marinade for at least 1 hour, turning once.

Preheat the BBQ. Cook the lamb chops for about 12 minutes, turning once.

My comments:

We bought the lamb chops from one of our favourite meat shop in Chinatown. They only sell halal meat and they are fantastic. Their meat is always fresh, tender and never bloody. Their steaks are to DIE for!!

These lamb chops has certainly met our expectations. They are local lamb (ie. non-New Zealand) and so they are flavourful but not too strong. The meat was slightly fatty on the edges but they kept the meat moist while on the grill and they can be cut off easily when served. They were simply delicious!

Lime juice: I marinaded the lamb chops with lime juice instead of the conventional lemon juice because I only have lime juice in the house. It worked pretty well and honestly, I couldn't really taste the difference.

Rosemary: The lamb chops had a very nice rosemary flavour. I used dried rosemary instead of fresh ones. I love rosemary and so I put a lot in the marinade. By the time I dipped the 3rd chop in the marinade, the amount of rosemary has dwindled and so I added a little more to the marinade such that each chop was covered with approximately the same amount. If I were to use fresh rosemary, I probably wouldn't use as much since the fresh herbs will be a lot stronger than the dried ones.

Garlic: Again, I didn't have fresh garlic in the house, so I replaced it with garlic salt. Although the lamb chops tasted good, I prefer to use fresh garlic to give the chops a little more garlic flavour. Next time, I will use fresh minced garlic and add a little more regular salt into the marinade.

Oil: I used canola oil in this recipe b/c I don't have olive oil at home. However, I'd recommend using olive oil since it'll taste better and it's the healthier choice.

The best thing about this recipe is that although I didn't have all the "proper" or fresh ingredients, I was able to replace them with what I always have at home and the lamb chops still tasted delicious. We have another pack of lamb chops left which we'll cook tomorrow. I think I'll use fresh garlic in the marinade this time!